Sunday, 6 December 2009

Strains, sprains & Paris Photo Predictions Part 2

Meeting new people is always fantastic at Paris Photo. One of Diemar/Noble's photographers' Yvonne De Rosa, introduced me to a fabulous crowd of people. Amongst them the 'crazy Chzec' (you know who you are) who is based in my hometown of Manchester and has the most amazing Northen accent combined with her Eastern European lilt and her friend took me to the wonderful 'Juvenille' where we had luscious wine and awesome cakes. The final evening was a big crowd of mutual friends having dinner then my trusty flat mates on the trip, the delectable Robert Phillips and equally awesome Will Hewson
It was a long week but as always, well worth the trip on both personal and professional grounds. Contacts made and new friends to keep in touch with, I recommend anyone with an interest in photography to go to next years fair and experience it for themselves. Take your camera, cards and a smile and hit the fair!

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