Sunday, 19 June 2011


On Wednesday I shall be part of the group of speakers talking about collecting photography in conjunction with the exhibition, 'HIGH SPEED iNSANITY' which is a collaboration between PUG, Mr. Jack Helgesencalled & FOTOGALLERIET in Oslo, called 'Who Holds the Power to Collect?'

PUG (Pop up gallery) is headed up Ellen-K Syverstad & Anette Skuggedal. I first met Ellen K at Paris Photo 2010 & am looking forward to working with her briefly this week.

Established in 1977 Fotogalleriet is unique in Oslo as the only Norwegian institution devoted to camera-based art. They show Norwegian as well as international contemporary artists.

Slow down. Be present. – Run away. Escape. – These solutions describe opposite extremes of what most people have to deal with every day. We are supposed to be both normal and special at the same time. How do we cope? The selection photographs chosen are curated to navigate through the obstacles of life in a visual cacophony of imagery made by some of the worlds leading photographers. The show includes the following work:

Roger BALLEN The Asylum
Martin DENKER High Speed Insanity
Sally MANN At Twelve
Vik MUNIZ Pictures of Chocolate & Erotica
Andres SERRANO Early work
Joel Peter WITKIN Master-works

I am not sure yet exactly all of images which will be included in the show, but can't wait to see as it will be a wonderful surprise. More on my return...

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