Thursday, 22 September 2011

LICA / LICC award & a proud moment

What a great night I had last night with a bonus!

Attending the LICA (London International Creative Awards) on behalf of Christian Tagliavini who was a finalist for the grand LICC prize.

Out of 800 entries he was chosen as one of the 15 finalists. To see more about the competition see here. Although Christian did not win, his selection made me very proud & exited to see his work up on the walls of the gallery. As I sat in the audience watching the short films of images of each finalist I was made aware that I would be asked to come on stage to collect his finalist trophy. This made me both excited & nervous at the same time.

However, when his work came up on the screen the row of people behind me gasped & someone said, "That is beautiful, wow that's my favourite by far." I was thrilled & all nerves vanished.

So I promptly said a few words on stage about how I fell in love with his the minute I saw it & how excited I was that UK audiences will soon have the chance to see it too.

Here is the beautiful trophy, awaiting its rightful owner in November when the show opens.

A lovely dinner followed where I met the winners from  'Campaign' (see their blog here design lovers) & spent a wonderful 2 hours with them, my friend Michael McGuinness & the lovely Myriam Blundell (who had presented them with their award) at the end of a very long table. Conversation flowed from conversations on art, photography, design, architecture & money on balconies...

This may be a short & sweet blog today, but I promise for much more next time...till then TAKE SOME PICTURES PEOPLE!

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